"Building Huge Traffic for Your Website 2"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

Getting real huge volume of traffic is not that easy and you really have to put effort on it.  Or you can buy them on sites that provide traffic for a certain cost.   But if you're just starting to gain traffic you can simply start by registering to some free websites that provides traffic to your blog or website.

Here are some of the sites that gives free traffic to your blog or website.  Blogsoldiers.com, is a website that offers free traffic.  You can increase your site participation by surfing other blogs and websites.  They also has a point system every time you surf other websites which you can also use. 

Blogupp.com is another free traffic provider, just like entrecard.com this site advertise the blog or website to users of this website.  There is no registration needed to use this widget.

Spottt.com is also the same as entrecardcom and blogupp.com.  The blogsite or website is advertised through the other users that  uses the script of the website.  But you'll have to register to use their scripts.  Once the blog is added just wait for it to be approved.  They'll send a notification if it is approved or not.

Publicitywheel.com also advertise your blog or website.  But their scheme is different,  you earn points whenever your site is visited through publicitywheel.  Points are accumulated and it is used as entry for the raffle, a raffle on which blog or website will showcased on their widget or script.  The more points you have the more chances of winning the raffle to be showcased.

Trafficdigger.com, 125exchange.com, and bloggerswap.com also provides traffic to your blog or website but I don't know much of their scheme.

To sum up everything there's a lot of websites that provides traffic but it really needs effort if you want to attain your goal.


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