Win Money From Mukhang Pera  

Posted by Daddy Yashiro

It's Mukhang Pera's birthday on the 26th of November and to celebrate his birthday his hosting a contest on his blog.

Cash are at stake:


1st Prize – $15
2nd Prize – $10
3rd Prize – $5

You can visit Mukhang Pera for the full details of the contest.

The birthday contest will end on November 26, 2009 at 11:59 PM GMT +8. Anybody is free to join this contest unless prohibited by country or state laws. The winners will be chosen randomly using Luck of the Draw application. Drawing will be done on November 27, 2009. The winner will be contacted through email and I should receive a confirmation reply within 7 days or prize will be forfeited. The prize will be given via Paypal.

"SweetPTR A Big SCAM!"  

Posted by Daddy Yashiro

Most of the bloggers today are looking for money making opportunities that will keep their wallets bulky and keep their time free. It's sad to know that there are other people who will enjoy using other people just to earn big for themselves.

Around first week of September (I think) this year I just happen to stumble into this new PTR site. Prior to this I got a hint from other bloggers that most of the PTR sites that are lurking around in the net are SCAM. Still, I give those PTR sites a chance to prove themselves. So I decided to try the new PTR site that I have stumbled upon. The site is called SWEETPTR. Their offer is enticing and for sure anyone who would read it will instantly grab and join.

The offers are $10 per email that you read, $25 sign up bonus, and 30% referral program. Plus their minimum payout is $5,000 compared to other PTRs that are way too high. Computing for the possibility without any referral goes like this: $10 per email multiplied by 10 emails per day will give you $100 a day. So $100 a day multiplied by 50 days will give you a big value of $5,000. In other words all you have to do is click and read all the emails in just two months to get their minimum payout. In which I did and I got it in less than two months because of the referrals! So, $5,000 is their minimum payout. I was ready to taste that payout but when I clicked the payout button it landed me to a page telling me to upgrade in order to get paid. So meaning all free members are free to earn and gain credits but with regards to payout you'll have to upgrade first which is really deceiving.

What a waste of time! Right there in there I deleted my account! So now, I know that PTRs are a waste of time and a SCAM. Don't ever plan to join any PTR. You'll just waste your time and effort.

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