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Just recently I opened my account in CGSociety.org. As usual browse for what’s new in the digital art community. Then I checked if they have a new contest. Well I’m in luck I found one. They’ve launched their CGS Challenge this time it’s entitled “Steampunk: Myths and Legends”. I suddenly posed and think for a while … ohm … steampunk! To tell it frankly I don’t the meaning of that word because I’ve never encountered that word. Steam and punk alone I’ve heard but fused together I really don’t know.

So with curiosity I typed steampunk at the google search box and then viola… found a lot of meaning.

Here’s one from Wikipedia – Steampunk is a subgenre of fantasy and speculative fiction that came into prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s. The term denotes works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used-usually the 19th century, and often set in Victorian era England-but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions like those found in the works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, or real technological developments like the computer occurring at an earlier date. Steampunk is often associated with cyberpunk and shares a similar fanbase and theme of rebellion, but developed as a separate movement (though both have considerable influence on each other). Apart from time period and level of technological development, the main difference between cyberpunk and steampunk is that steampunk settings usually tend to be less obviously dystopian than cyberpunk, or lack dystopian elements entirely.

Whew! Have I slept and lost a decade of my life. Well one thing is for sure, I need to widen and broaden my readings and surfing of the net.

Anyway, I read all the details of the challenge, make myself familiar with this steampunk thing and lastly I found lots of ideas to fused and merged together for the subject I’m going to make. I hope I could deliver all the requirements in time. So pray for me!


"4 Things to Remember on Earning Money Online"  

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Here are some things to remember and understand to earn money online.

1. There is no easy money – always remember that earning money is not like a genie in a bottle and wish for money. You’ll have to work it out.
2. Read between the lines – it is always true and correct that we always skip through the terms and conditions. Remember that these terms and conditions are your boundaries once you neglect it you’ll get lost.
3. Always put the cream on top – reading materials are always good when it is appreciated so always make sure what you posts are relevant and informative. They maybe simple but it rocks.
4. Patience is a virtue – you won’t be able to get good traffic volume in a single snap work it out. If plan A doesn’t work make plan B. Be patience and wait for the result. All good things are always save for last.


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Chain messages! Annoying? For me? Yes. For others I don't know. What I don't like? The end part, instructing to send the message to a number of persons to get good luck and bad luck. I hate that line! Eventually people come in different point of views.

Chain messages have always bulk up my inbox. Some of them are read and most of them are not. I don't know what do they get in passing this but one thing I know I don't want to inflict fear to my friends instead I want to help them find some good message like helping others earn and make money through internet.

Recently, I was able to watch one of the episodes of Mel and Joey, the topic was about blogging. Two of the top bloggers here in the Philippines were interviewed they were earning around $6,000 a month. Take note, this is in dollars not in peso. Cool ha!

Now, a lot of sites were put up to advertise their products. Most of them advertise through blogs and with this bloggers earn their $ money. A portion of the earnings of a certain product or service is given as commission for the bloggers for putting the ads on their websites. Some of this was the Google adsense.Com (the ads by Google), shoppingads.com, bidvertiser, and many more. These companies shared their profits with the bloggers and publishers. Earnings are collected through checks or paypal.

Hungry for more... try reading more sometimes there are articles that leads to websites that shows and tells how to earn more.

So...! Which one do you want CHAIN MESSAGES or MONEY MAKING MESSAGES? It’s up to you!

Outsource Your Talents!  

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Calling all talented artist and IT maniacs!
This is the best site for you to use your talents.
If you're in it try visiting this site and see if it suites your needs and even financial. Thats not all even those people who are in need of graphic artist, web designers, and others they can visit this site and look for what they need.

Get custom programming done at GetAFreelancer.com!

Earn and Make Money Through Blogging  

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Recently, I accidentally clicked a link in one of the emails of my friends which i thought was another chain letters. I watched the video which was one of the episodes of Mel and Joey. Attentively, I listened to the interview and I was amazed that these guys had already earned through blogging at the same time regretful because I did not take blogging seriously that time. Now, I'm busy building my traffic and hoping by end of this month a large amount of traffic and ads would be established. If you’re interested try watching this video.

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