PTC Sites  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

I know of people are hesitant in joining PTC sites because some (I think) were thought to be SCAM. But to be fair to all PTC Sites there are sites that are not SCAM and they do and really do pay. In fact I could attest to some of these sites who are not SCAM and does really pay you money.

The sites which I already received payment from were the Neobux, Palmbux, and Trekpay. The others are still in the process of knowing whether they will pay or not. So better stick here to know which PTC sites are to be trusted.

So if you just happen to stumble upon this blog site and you are interested in earning money through PTC Sites just click the banners above and join.

Cents are important to complete a dollar!

Win Money From Mukhang Pera  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

It's Mukhang Pera's birthday on the 26th of November and to celebrate his birthday his hosting a contest on his blog.

Cash are at stake:


1st Prize – $15
2nd Prize – $10
3rd Prize – $5

You can visit Mukhang Pera for the full details of the contest.

The birthday contest will end on November 26, 2009 at 11:59 PM GMT +8. Anybody is free to join this contest unless prohibited by country or state laws. The winners will be chosen randomly using Luck of the Draw application. Drawing will be done on November 27, 2009. The winner will be contacted through email and I should receive a confirmation reply within 7 days or prize will be forfeited. The prize will be given via Paypal.

"SweetPTR A Big SCAM!"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

Most of the bloggers today are looking for money making opportunities that will keep their wallets bulky and keep their time free. It's sad to know that there are other people who will enjoy using other people just to earn big for themselves.

Around first week of September (I think) this year I just happen to stumble into this new PTR site. Prior to this I got a hint from other bloggers that most of the PTR sites that are lurking around in the net are SCAM. Still, I give those PTR sites a chance to prove themselves. So I decided to try the new PTR site that I have stumbled upon. The site is called SWEETPTR. Their offer is enticing and for sure anyone who would read it will instantly grab and join.

The offers are $10 per email that you read, $25 sign up bonus, and 30% referral program. Plus their minimum payout is $5,000 compared to other PTRs that are way too high. Computing for the possibility without any referral goes like this: $10 per email multiplied by 10 emails per day will give you $100 a day. So $100 a day multiplied by 50 days will give you a big value of $5,000. In other words all you have to do is click and read all the emails in just two months to get their minimum payout. In which I did and I got it in less than two months because of the referrals! So, $5,000 is their minimum payout. I was ready to taste that payout but when I clicked the payout button it landed me to a page telling me to upgrade in order to get paid. So meaning all free members are free to earn and gain credits but with regards to payout you'll have to upgrade first which is really deceiving.

What a waste of time! Right there in there I deleted my account! So now, I know that PTRs are a waste of time and a SCAM. Don't ever plan to join any PTR. You'll just waste your time and effort.

"Her and History's Life and Love"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

This quarter sure sizzles with lots of contest! As a support to one of our fellow mommy blogger, here's a blog post of her contest. "A Call to Celebrate Her and History's Life and Love" which you can win tons of prizes!

Prizes at stake are the following:

1st prize: $55, 20,000 EC, ad spaces, .info domain and blog hosting, blog review (worth $15)

$50- Buraot and Anak ni Kulapo
$5- Pinay Mommy Online
.info domain with free 1 year blog hosting- Pinay Mommies Communities
5000 EC - Mommy Journey
3000 EC Cornymans Money-Blog
3000 EC All about babies and Kids
3000 EC - Simply Happy Life
2000 EC- The Movie Mommy
2000 EC- Chika Buzz
1000 EC - Love's Haven
1000 EC- Kalidadis
125x125 ad space for a month (PR 3)= A Woman's Blog
125x125 ad space for a month (PR 3)= OnlineBiz and resources
125x125 ad space for a month (PR 2)= Moolah Musings
125x125 ad space for a month (PR 1)= I Love Contest and More!
125x125 ad space at Wannabesuper Mommy
125x125 ad space at CrossRoads...where ideas meet
125x125 ad space at Pinay Blogger at Home
125x125 ad space at Moi et mon univers!
125x125 ad space at Sassy Chicks World
125x125 ad space at Tambayan ng mga Uragon

Blog reviews:
2nd prize: $30, 18,000 EC's,.info domain and 1 year WP blog hosting,ad spaces, blog reviews (worth $10)
$20 - Seiko's Diary
$5 - babyblog Azumi ★
$5 - My Kawaii Princess
5000 EC - Wonderful Things In Life
5000 EC - Her and History
2500 EC - Thoughts in Daily Living
2500 EC- Parenting Notes
2000 EC - Our Adventures Together
1000 EC- Mi Mundo Del Amor
info domain Online Mommy's Corner
1 year free WP blog hosting Online Mommy's Corner
1 month ad space (PR1)- Mouth's Delight
1 month 125x125 ad space- Just About Anything
125x125 ad space at Real Garden
125x125 ad space (PR 1) at WAHMaholic
1 month 125x125 ad space (PR 1)- Mom Writes for A Cause
1 month 125x125 ad space (PR 1)- Samantha's Own
1 month 125x125 ad space at Yam's Files
1 month 125x125 ad space at Walk With Me

Blog Reviews:

3rd prize: $25, 15,000 EC's, web hosting space, ad spaces, blog review (worth $5)
$5- From Asia and Beyond
$5- RandomWAHMThoughts
$5- My Life's Perception & Inspiration
$5 - Just About Anything
$5- Make or Break
2000 EC - Just About Anything
2000 EC- FickleMinded
2000 EC - My Crafts Stores Online
2000 EC - My Life's adventures
2000 EC- Tasty Exploration
2000 EC- FoodTripFriday
2000 EC - Life's Journey
1 month 125x125 ad space at My Passion
1 month ad space (PR2)- Bitz'n Pieces of My Life
3 months ad space (PR 2) - Rewards Station
2 months text link (PR 2)- All about my Life
125x125 ad space at Make or Break
5 GB web hosting space-
Blog review- Sassy Chicks World

4th prize: $15, 13,000 EC's, ad spaces
$5- Life of a Filipina Blogger
$5- Diva Fabulosa
$5- Health and Beauty Diva
2000 EC - The Joy of Life Forever
2000 EC The One Minute Guide
2000 EC- Smart Mommy
2000 EC- Big Love
2000 EC Cornyman's Blog Reviews
2000 EC Pictures and Cultures
1000 EC - I Blog U CDO
125x125 ad space at Gossip Mom
125x125 ad space (PR 2) at To Be, To Be. Tutubi.
125x125 ad space (PR 2) at Okay Ukay!
125x125 ad space (PR 2) at Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed

5th prize: $5, 11,000 EC's, ad spaces
$5- Cooking's Fun
1500 EC- Samantha's Own
1500 EC- In His Steps
1000 EC - Tasty Exploration
1000 EC - Mother Knows Best
1000 EC - So Much to Tell
1000 EC - More Food Adventures
1000 EC - The Fountain Of Happiness
1000 EC- Momgen Designs
1000 EC- Momgen Garage Store
1000 EC- Blog Fusion
125x125 ad space (PR 2) at Pretty Step Daughters
125x125 ad space (PR ) at Home Buddies
125x125 ad space (PR ) at Thoughts and Obssessions

6th prize: 9,000 EC's
1000 EC- Gossip Mom
1000 EC - Just the Tip of the Iceberg
1000 EC- Worth's Road
1000 EC- Empowered Mom
1000 EC- All about my Life
1000 EC- Dorothy's Vineyard
1000 EC- Inhale...Exhale...
1000 EC- HoneySweet Learning Center
1000 EC- Rose's Obstacles and Glories

7th prize: 7,000 EC's
1000 EC- Laine's Abode
1000 EC- Make or Break
1000 EC- People, Places, Events, Good Food and My Life
1000 EC- My Little Angels
1000 EC- Pretty Step Daughters
1000 EC- Thoughts and Obsessions
1000 EC- Pensive Thoughts

8th prize: 5,000 EC's
1000 EC- The Story of My Life
1000 EC- The Certified Pinoy Blogger
1000 EC- Makoy's Snapshot
1000 EC- Makoy's Musicology
1000 EC- Makoy's Take on the Arts and The Entertainment

9th prize: 3,500 EC's
1000 EC- Make Money Online with Makoy
1000 EC- Latest Celebrity Gossip
1000 EC- Momma Wannabe
500 EC- The Fashion Explorer

10th prize: 2,500 EC's
1000 EC- IVF Journies
1000 EC- His Unfailing Love
500 EC- My Memories and Crystals

Special Prizes:

5 sets of assorted handmade greeting cards- DarlingRose Paper Goods - US & Philippines shipping only

5 sets of assorted handmade greeting cards - Momgen Paper Designs - US & Philippines shipping only

2 pairs of Earrings - Momgen's Corner - worldwide shipping

Special privilege
:If somebody who join the contest will buy one ofMomgen's Store's items they can have a free gift.....

Free Blog Makeover worth $15 (for blogger platform only) . Leave a separate comment if you're interested to win a Free Blog Makeover. Just type "COUNT ME IN FOR FREE BLOG MAKEOVER".

My Web-blog Designs
Femikey Designs

Now if your still thinking well better snap out of it because these prizes are sure for grabs! So come and join at Her and History.


"Blog Appetite's Anniversary Blog Raffle Contest"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

blog appetite raffle contest

Check it here!

Contest Details

1. Blog about the contest (link back here) – 2 raffle entries

2. Blog about the contest including the list of sponsors (link back here) – additional 3 raffles entries

3. Subscribe to my blogs: Blog Appetite | Home and Parenting | Scrap Like Crazy |Bubblescrap Designs- 2 entries for each blog

4. Leave a comment here with a link to the blog contest post and the email address you used to subscribe to my blogs

5. I will giving raffle coupons to the participants every now and then and it will be announced here so stay tuned

6. Cash sponsors automatically gets 3 entries to the contest while the rest automatically gets 1 entry. Sponsors are also invited to join the contest and have fun with the other participants.

Contest will run from October 1 – November 15 and on November 18, my birthday, I will be announcing the winners!!!

You may opt to grab the banner and wear it on your blog, you’ll never know when I will give a surprise! Get the code on the sidebar.


Here are the list of sponsors for this contest

$10 Sponsors:

Business Sphere –
Home Buddies –
WAHMaholic –

$5 Sponsors:

Blog De Manila –
My Quality dAY –
Diva Fabulosa –
The Pinay Blogger
Living with Diabetes –
Stalking Minds –
Make or Break

3-month Ad Spot
Life’s Journey –
Rewards Station –
My Crafts Stores Online –
That Blog4me –
Travel Blog –
There is Happiness –
Twins Happiness –
Also Mommy –
TH’s Corner –
Isherrygo –
Name Sherry –
Lurv Everything –
Iblogaholic –
Another Contest –
iLUVcontest –
My Vegetable Garden –
Product Reviews Von Mir –
Online Mommy –

2-month Ad Spot
Chica Chika –
Health and Beauty Diva –
IVF Journies –
Girls are Made of Sugar and Spice –
Biasasaja –

1-month Ad Spot

Kaya Mo Pinoy –
PinayMom –
MommaWannabe –
Life of a Filipina Blogger –
Pictures and Cultures –
Biasasaja –
Liezl Read-Write –
Elai’s Haven –
Mom Writes For a Cause –

EC Credits:

3000 EC

A Woman Remembers –

Wonderful things In Life –
My Life’s Adventure –
My Crafts Stores Online
The Joy Of Life Forever –
The Fountain Of Happiness –
Life’s Journey –


"Some of My Previous Earnings"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

People are very skeptic when it comes to earning money online. Some of them are hesitant to do something like this because of negative comments that they've heard and read about. Some had experienced being scammed once so they all thought that "one is enough two is too much". Well... not for me! At first yes I was skeptic, I also heard a lot of negative comments, and I was also scammed but because of the video I've watched and read about making money online gives me the urge to do it. So here I am to prove that earning money online is legitimate!


So far this is the highest of I have earned in one of the site.



And this is the lowest every 15th and 30th of the month.


Now if you still having doubts well it's up to you. While you're contemplating others are already earning and by the time you decide we're two to three step richer than you are.


"Free Stuff from"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

This is not a money making opportunity but it will give electronic gadgets and other stuff for free. So if you want to check it out and try it leave a message with your email ad or email me at to be invited. is a cool website that give away free stuff. All you need to do is register(you need to be invited to register), play their game, and answer their daily questions to earn pointz. Pointz corresponds to certain product which you can avail for free. Yes it is free!

Here are some of the products that might interest you.

XBOX 360MacBook

Comment with your name and email address below and wait for the invite.

"Maki Turns 2 Blog Contest"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

It's up and now running the "Maki Turns 2 Blog Contest". Due to lack of sponsors some of the prizes previously shown were trim down but still thank you for those people who have pledge their sponsorship. So with no further ado... the contest starts now!

maki turns 2 blog contest head

1st Prize

$5 – Yashiro

5,000 EC – Yashiro

3 months 125x125 ad spot - Freefamousquotes

1 month 125x125 ad spot - Sherrygo

1 month 125x125 ad spot - Yashirokuru

2nd Prize

4,000 EC –Yashiro

2 months 125x125 ad spot - Overcashed

1 month 125x125 ad spot - Iblogaholic

1 month 125x125 ad spot - Grab shell Dude!

3rd Prize

1,000 EC – Yashiro

1,000 EC - The One Minute Guide

1,000 EC - Cornymans Moneypage

1 month 125x125 ad spot - Sherryshopping

1 month 125x125 ad spot - Lurvevertyhing

1 month 125x125 ad spot - Yashir0 Arts

4th Prize

1,000 EC – Yashiro

1,000 EC - Cornymans Blogreviews

1,000 EC - All about babies and kids

1 month 125x125 ad spot - Iluvcontest

1 month 125x125 ad spot - Heartrandom

1 month 125x125 ad spot – Making Money The Rugged Way

5th Prize

2,000 EC –Yashiro

1 month 125x125 ad spot - Namesherry

1 month 125x125 ad spot - Isherrygo

1 month 125x125 ad spot – The Big Daddy’s Cart

Special Prize

$2 –Yashiro

1,000 EC – Yashiro

500 EC - Communicatebetter

1 month 125x125 ad spot - Anothercontest

1 month 125x125 ad spot - Yashiro


maki turns 2 blog contest tail


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