"Earn $10 For Just Signing Up"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

I just found this new site that actually credited me instant $10 just for signing up to their program. The name of the site is Hits4Pay.com. It will surely hit you $10 if you join now.

The program is simple you get to earn by reading email and clicking their sponsors. Note that you have to stay on the site for a few second before they will credit you for clicking and viewing their sponsors.

Their pay is $25 minimum so you just have to fill in the other $15 to have your first pay out.

You also get earnings by referring other people which earns much more than clicking sponsors and reading emails. In just a few referrals you can actually cash out your earnings.

So start acting, move those fingers and click here.

"Weight Loss Blog Contest – Top Prize $250 Cash"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

I just found this site that for sure will heighten your interest in blogging. So I'm sharing this to everyone who reads and follows my blog.

The contest is initiated by www.johnisfit.com which is a weight loss blog.

The contest will run for the month of June. At the end of the month he will randomly select 7 winners for the following prizes:

1st – $250
2nd – $75
3rd – $25
4th – Book: The Source: Unleash Your Natural Energy, Power Up Your Health, and Feel 10 Years Younger
5th – Book: The Complete Beck Diet for Life: The Five-Stage Program for Permanent Weight Loss
6th & 7th – Set of NURU Exercise Anywhere cards

That's a total prize pool of almost $425!

(Cash prizes payable through PayPal only – anyone is eligible to win. Prizes for 4th-7th include free shipping to continental U.S. only)

Want to know more about the details click here!


"Auction or Sale"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

Having problem on what to do with some of your old stuffs? Well, here's some ideas that you might use to earn a few.

First is the auction. This is where you place your item and wait for some to bid. Note make sure that what you are auctioning is unique and especially antique. The more aged it is the better. You can also put into auction collectors items such as comic book, toys, trading cards, coins, stamps, and many more. Ebay.com is the that I know where you can put your unique, antique, and collectors items for auction. Just remember to read all the details and make to follow the guidelines.

The second one is for sale. You can choose your option, you bargain it on a garage sale or sell it online. Either way you can for sure sell your old stuffs. Just make sure to put a reasonable price for your item. On online you can post your stuffs on sulit.com, ebay.ph, or on the newest buy and sell site the ayosdito.ph. Again, just to remind you to read all the details before doing anything.

So better look more for some stuffs and put it in for auction or for sale.


"Cash Out from Paypal"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

If you have read my post regarding cashing out your money from paypal to your local area (Philippines), I will attest that I have received my cash already and reflected in my Union BankEON Card. I made a transaction of $200 and it was converted around Php9,200 in Philippine peso. I initiated the transaction June 10 and since June 12 is holiday and June 13 & 14 is weekend it reflected on my Union Bank EON Cyber Account on June 16.

If you followed the steps you will certainly will not have any problem cashing out your money from paypal.

So if you haven't tried paypal.com try it now for easy payments and receiving of cash.


"Independence Day"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

Today is the 111th year of Independence Day, the Philippine Independence. This is the result of the deaths of our National Heroes which we are now remembering and commemorating. The day that they fought for long years just to have this memorial day. A day that till now leaves a big mark, the big question mark. Are we really free and independent today? I think not at all. Why? Because we are still slaves of different things. But the most annoying of all is that we are still slave of ourselves. We don't find ways to free ourselves. We keep our ears deaf on the things that we hear that is right, we keep our eyes closed from the wrong doings that we see, and we keep our mouth shut of the truth that will set us free.

Isn't it annoying that we're still slaves?


"SEO help from a Friend"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

I met a new friend from India (I think). I met her through chat, she's the one who first buzz me and ask me if it is okay if she would lend me a help about my blogs. I responded yes of course and asked how and what is it that she would lend me. To my surprise she was working in a company that provides free and paid SEO listings.

So if you want your blogs to gain exposure and generate large volume of traffic contact her and tell her that you've read my post about her. Her ym is dyanaangel86@yahoo.com.

I hope I could help both!


"How to Get Your Earnings Online"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

Steps to get your earnings online. If you're from the Philippines.

1. First visit paypal.com and register a new account. Take note that you should complete the details clearly. Once you have created your paypal account you can link all your earnings from different websites to your paypal account. Websites will ask for your paypal id to transfer your earnings directly to your paypal account.

2. The bank that uses paypal (I think) is Unionbank with their EON Cyber Account. Apply for a card. Take note that your name and details on paypal account should be the same with your Unionbank account. It takes 2 weeks for them to have your card. This card is personally picked up from the branch where you applied and you'll have to pay the annual fee of Ph350.00. Make sure to deposit at least Ph100.00 you'll know it later.

3. Register your EON Cyber Account so you can check your bank statement online. It takes 2 days before you can access your online banking.

4. Log on to your paypal account. Click the "get verified" link. Input the needed details. Take note that your EON Card is a debit card. The Ph100.00 is an initial deposit because paypal will be charging your card $1.95 to get your account verified.

5. Once verified wait for 2 to 3 days to check your bank statement and look for the 4 digit Paypal code for the charge. Log on to Paypal and input the 4 digit code to confirm your card.

6. Log into your Paypal account click "Profile" tab and then click "Bank account". Add the bank details. The bank code number of Unionbank is 010419995. Withdraw funds select the bank account and the amount to withdraw then confirm. It will convert to Philippine Peso. Wait for 4 days.

7. Cash it out from your EON Card.

Hope that this could help a bit to new bloggers and paypal users. To look for more info click here


"Union Bank EON Card"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

Today, I took a half day work just to get my Union Bank EON Card. I got at the bank at around past 2 PM. I went straight to the customer service and got my EON Card. Now I can get my money from Paypal.com.

So, after I got the card I went straight back to our House. Switch on my PC and logged onto the web. Go to paypal and started to transfer some funds but still I wasn't able to do the cashout. There are few problems that I couldn't figure out. I got three pointers, "whats the bank code?", "how will I lift my limit?", and "how will I be able to transfer amount from my paypal to eon card?"

Thank God two of the three questions were answered. The bank code, I tried to look at the website of Unionbank and the limit.  I'll just have to wait.  Any time now I'll be having my money.  Thank God!


"Words of Inspiration for Bloggers"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

I don't when was it shown but I was able to watch one of the episode of "Convergence" in Net 25 featuring two of the top bloggers in the Philippines. They are Abe Olandres of yugatech.com and Carl of carlocab.com. This is the second time I've seen Abe Olandres on TV and talking about blogging. The first one was on Mel and Joey.

Anyway what I wanted to share pointers what I have heard from Abe Olandres which I know bloggers can use as a Standard Operating Procedures and also I got some inputs also.

1. Blog the things you like - write about the things that you like and you think you have an edge on it. Don't try to write something that you know you are only forced to write or you wanted to write because you wanted to earn.

2. Know your limitation - when writing a blog you need to know your capacity. Example you like to blog about travel but you haven't been to the place or you can't even go to the place so how can you blog about it when you haven't experienced it first hand. Research is good but the most convincing is your first hand experience.

3. Blogging is a skill - writing is a skill and skills are supposed to be enhanced so in order to get better writing style you have to practice your skill, do some research, and learn new things.

4. Discipline - this is the best part that I've heard from Abe Olandres, discipline. Disciplining yourself to write at least once a day or before you go to sleep at night. By doing this, on my own opinion, you will enhance your writing skills if you discipline yourself to write one article every day or every night.

5. Patience is a virtue - this is something that I always remember, everything will be nothing if you're not patient enough to do all this things.


"Auction or Sale"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

I have this six different basketball trading cards which I think I got since I was in high school. They're not "GRADE A" in a point of view of a collector but I think its worth collecting. This six, was the only basketball trading card left and I don't know yet what to do with it.

What do you think I must do? Sell it or put it on auction? If I will sell it, how much do you think it would cost? And I will put it on auction do you think many collector will bid on it? What do you think? Please do so give me some advice on this one. Thanks!


"Entrecard New Feature, Approved!"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

Just Recently my account Entrecard.com got approved of their new feature, the cash out transfer.  Credits earned from blog posts, ads on your blog, drops made, and other way of earning EC credits can now be exchange for cash and take note it's dollar.

I'm sure EC users are very happy of this new feature, especially those who earn a lot of EC credits.  The hard earned EC credits are now will turn into mines of cash.

The system simply cash out the amount of EC credits that you want to cash.  1000 EC credits is equivalent to $1.  This is really good and thanks for Entrecard for making a system like this.  The only thing that I'm thinking is how can EC users use or get the coverted amount? 



Posted by Marco Polo Demo

The featured website today is the Neobux.com.  This website is a CPC website or Cost Per Click.   Users of this website generate their income through CPC which is sponsored by their advertisers.  Text links or banners have a fix cost every time it is click and by staying on the site for a certain time once completed the amount will be credited to the users account.

The cost of every link of advertisers here is $0.01.  The amount is not that much but most of the users generate with the help of their referrals.  The more referrals that the users have the more earnings they will generate.

The payout amount here gets higher everytime the users get their earnings.  The first payout cost $2 and the succeeding will be $3, and so on.

You can check out their website here.



Posted by Marco Polo Demo

The hardest part of making blog is building a foundation, meaning establishing the most important parts details of blogs.  In my experience I never thought of this before.  I only build the blog, write whenever I want, and never exerted any effort in establishing popularity and ranking as result it took me one year to start gaining traffic and popularity.   

Today, I'm going to share about the  website where most of my earnings came from.   The site is called "Socialspark.com" and I think it is related to Payperpost.com.  Socialspark.com offer a variety of earning opportunity.   Before you can start earning you must meet the following criteria.   First you must have at least 20 original post within the past 90 days.  Once the blog is approved you can start participating on the programs.

First to their programs or earning opportunity is the pay per post.  On this scheme Socialspark.com provide a list of opportunity to write. It is indicated in the list if the opportunity is still open and if the blogger is qualified to take the opportunity.  If it is open, it also indicates if the blogger will have to wait or can create the post instantly.  Once the blogger is qualified an email will be sent to inform that the they are qualified.  The blogger or publisher is given twelve (12) hours to create and post the review.   Your post will pass on two kinds of review to qualify.  One is the automated review, where it will only look for the number of words and the text links.  And the second is manual review the post which they will review word for word, sentence by sentence and even the simple mispelled word.   If it passed on all the review, the amount shown on the opportunity will credited to the account of the blogger/publisher.

Second is the sponsorship,  in this scheme, blogs of bloggers/publishers who've taken the opportunity will advertise the sponsors ad banner for a certains days.

Third is the affiliate program, on this scheme blogger/publisher will have to take the opportunity to be part of the program.  Once they have taken the opportunity they will be directed to a page with banners.  Together with this banners comes with scripts that will be posted to qualified blogs.  Bloggers/publishers who've taken the affiliate program earns through sales, leads, or conversion depending on the number of viewers and readers who visited the blog and purchased the said items.

Lastly is the cost per click,  bloggers/publishers will have to paste text links and banners to their website or blog.  They get to earn through visitors clicks on the text links and banners shown on the blog.  This clicks are then reviewed by Click Forensics and once approved the amount times the number of clicks will be credited to you account.   The more clicks the bigger the possibility of bigger earnings.

These are the programs and schemes running with socialspark.com.  Earnings are great but you will have to put effort to obtain the earnings that you want.


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