"Auction or Sale"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

Having problem on what to do with some of your old stuffs? Well, here's some ideas that you might use to earn a few.

First is the auction. This is where you place your item and wait for some to bid. Note make sure that what you are auctioning is unique and especially antique. The more aged it is the better. You can also put into auction collectors items such as comic book, toys, trading cards, coins, stamps, and many more. Ebay.com is the that I know where you can put your unique, antique, and collectors items for auction. Just remember to read all the details and make to follow the guidelines.

The second one is for sale. You can choose your option, you bargain it on a garage sale or sell it online. Either way you can for sure sell your old stuffs. Just make sure to put a reasonable price for your item. On online you can post your stuffs on sulit.com, ebay.ph, or on the newest buy and sell site the ayosdito.ph. Again, just to remind you to read all the details before doing anything.

So better look more for some stuffs and put it in for auction or for sale.


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