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Posted by Marco Polo Demo

I don't when was it shown but I was able to watch one of the episode of "Convergence" in Net 25 featuring two of the top bloggers in the Philippines. They are Abe Olandres of yugatech.com and Carl of carlocab.com. This is the second time I've seen Abe Olandres on TV and talking about blogging. The first one was on Mel and Joey.

Anyway what I wanted to share pointers what I have heard from Abe Olandres which I know bloggers can use as a Standard Operating Procedures and also I got some inputs also.

1. Blog the things you like - write about the things that you like and you think you have an edge on it. Don't try to write something that you know you are only forced to write or you wanted to write because you wanted to earn.

2. Know your limitation - when writing a blog you need to know your capacity. Example you like to blog about travel but you haven't been to the place or you can't even go to the place so how can you blog about it when you haven't experienced it first hand. Research is good but the most convincing is your first hand experience.

3. Blogging is a skill - writing is a skill and skills are supposed to be enhanced so in order to get better writing style you have to practice your skill, do some research, and learn new things.

4. Discipline - this is the best part that I've heard from Abe Olandres, discipline. Disciplining yourself to write at least once a day or before you go to sleep at night. By doing this, on my own opinion, you will enhance your writing skills if you discipline yourself to write one article every day or every night.

5. Patience is a virtue - this is something that I always remember, everything will be nothing if you're not patient enough to do all this things.


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