"How to Get Your Earnings Online"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

Steps to get your earnings online. If you're from the Philippines.

1. First visit paypal.com and register a new account. Take note that you should complete the details clearly. Once you have created your paypal account you can link all your earnings from different websites to your paypal account. Websites will ask for your paypal id to transfer your earnings directly to your paypal account.

2. The bank that uses paypal (I think) is Unionbank with their EON Cyber Account. Apply for a card. Take note that your name and details on paypal account should be the same with your Unionbank account. It takes 2 weeks for them to have your card. This card is personally picked up from the branch where you applied and you'll have to pay the annual fee of Ph350.00. Make sure to deposit at least Ph100.00 you'll know it later.

3. Register your EON Cyber Account so you can check your bank statement online. It takes 2 days before you can access your online banking.

4. Log on to your paypal account. Click the "get verified" link. Input the needed details. Take note that your EON Card is a debit card. The Ph100.00 is an initial deposit because paypal will be charging your card $1.95 to get your account verified.

5. Once verified wait for 2 to 3 days to check your bank statement and look for the 4 digit Paypal code for the charge. Log on to Paypal and input the 4 digit code to confirm your card.

6. Log into your Paypal account click "Profile" tab and then click "Bank account". Add the bank details. The bank code number of Unionbank is 010419995. Withdraw funds select the bank account and the amount to withdraw then confirm. It will convert to Philippine Peso. Wait for 4 days.

7. Cash it out from your EON Card.

Hope that this could help a bit to new bloggers and paypal users. To look for more info click here


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