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The hardest part of making blog is building a foundation, meaning establishing the most important parts details of blogs.  In my experience I never thought of this before.  I only build the blog, write whenever I want, and never exerted any effort in establishing popularity and ranking as result it took me one year to start gaining traffic and popularity.   

Today, I'm going to share about the  website where most of my earnings came from.   The site is called "Socialspark.com" and I think it is related to Payperpost.com.  Socialspark.com offer a variety of earning opportunity.   Before you can start earning you must meet the following criteria.   First you must have at least 20 original post within the past 90 days.  Once the blog is approved you can start participating on the programs.

First to their programs or earning opportunity is the pay per post.  On this scheme Socialspark.com provide a list of opportunity to write. It is indicated in the list if the opportunity is still open and if the blogger is qualified to take the opportunity.  If it is open, it also indicates if the blogger will have to wait or can create the post instantly.  Once the blogger is qualified an email will be sent to inform that the they are qualified.  The blogger or publisher is given twelve (12) hours to create and post the review.   Your post will pass on two kinds of review to qualify.  One is the automated review, where it will only look for the number of words and the text links.  And the second is manual review the post which they will review word for word, sentence by sentence and even the simple mispelled word.   If it passed on all the review, the amount shown on the opportunity will credited to the account of the blogger/publisher.

Second is the sponsorship,  in this scheme, blogs of bloggers/publishers who've taken the opportunity will advertise the sponsors ad banner for a certains days.

Third is the affiliate program, on this scheme blogger/publisher will have to take the opportunity to be part of the program.  Once they have taken the opportunity they will be directed to a page with banners.  Together with this banners comes with scripts that will be posted to qualified blogs.  Bloggers/publishers who've taken the affiliate program earns through sales, leads, or conversion depending on the number of viewers and readers who visited the blog and purchased the said items.

Lastly is the cost per click,  bloggers/publishers will have to paste text links and banners to their website or blog.  They get to earn through visitors clicks on the text links and banners shown on the blog.  This clicks are then reviewed by Click Forensics and once approved the amount times the number of clicks will be credited to you account.   The more clicks the bigger the possibility of bigger earnings.

These are the programs and schemes running with socialspark.com.  Earnings are great but you will have to put effort to obtain the earnings that you want.


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