Earning through Advertisements  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

Here’s another way to make bucks online. This one is simple and easy but it does require a large number of traffic. Yes traffic! Meaning you’ll need a big volume of readers in order for you to earn big bucks.

When you post a banner ad on your website or blog, you are called the publisher and when you put a banner to the ad space of a website or blog, you are called the advertiser.

An advertisement varies in sizes, earnings, and texts. When speaking of sizes, it is the size of the ad banner whether it is plain graphics or a colorful animated graphics. Examples of their sizes are the famous 125 x 125 size, the leader board 728 x 90, the banner 468 x 60, the half banner 234 x 60, and many more sizes depending on the ads. Earnings from these advertisements also vary depending on the revenue of the advertisers but some of them put a fix amount for the publisher to earn. There is also an advertisement called the textlink where it only requires little space and no fancy graphic art is needed.

These advertisements differ on their earning methods. Examples of these are the CPC or cost per click where you earn every time the readers and visitors click on the banner ad posted on your blog or website. Websites that I know using this method are the Socialspark.com, Bidvertiser.com, and a lot more.

Another method is the CPM or cost per impression, this method really requires a huge volume of traffic. They pay every time you get a thousand impressions so you really have to promote your website or your blog. Examples of these are Widgetbucks.com, Chitika.com, Adbrite.com, Adgitize.com, and a lot more.

The last method that I know is per sale or per leads, this method pays every time a visitor bought an item or product from the advertiser. And sometime they even add up a commission. Some examples of these are Moreniche.com, Socialspark.com, Shareasale.com, Commissionjunction.com, and a lot more.

There are a lot of ways to earn through advertisement so try to read more and look for websites that offer earning opportunities. But make sure to read the terms and conditions.


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