"Building Huge Traffic for Your Website"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

Traffic... traffic... traffic... most of the blogging savvy people are talking about this. What is traffic anyway? According to my trusted "wiki" a traffic is the transportation of merchandise for the purpose of trade, or more generally the movement of motorized vehicles, unmotorized vehicles and pedestrians on roads.

So now we have defined it in a most common term what about as term used in blogging. This is according to the best of my knowledge about this. Traffic is simply the number of internet users visiting to your website or blog. Okay that the simplest explanation I could come up with.

So traffic is very important to bloggers and advertisers! Big names in the blogging niche or may we call it now as an industry has used traffic to get more advertisers. The bigger the number of traffic that you get everyday the more advertisers will come to you and the advertisers the more earnings you will get.

So how to get a huge number of traffic? I myself haven't achieve the great volume of traffic but I'm working on it. So I might say let's work it out together.

According to known bloggers there are a lot of sites that provides traffic. Lets start with the well known yellow box, the Entrecard.com. By registering your blog or website on entrecard.com you'll get a chance to increase the volume of your traffic daily. Entrecard.com has scheme called "drop". The drop scheme helps bloggers attain popularity by visiting other sites and then clicking the drop button. By simple doing this you'll get 300 potential droppers.

So if you're a neophyte in blogging start doing this to earn popularity and traffic.


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