Blogging as a Tool in Making Money Online  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

When I first encounter this video clip, I actually have second thoughts on doing it. But the figures that they were pointing gave me drive to do this.

The video clip is actually a show from the Philippines and it was air on a TV station called GMA 7. The show was “Mel and Joey” were one of their segment is about “blogging”. They tackled about the new way of making your daily journals through the internet and it was called “weblog” or “blogging”. Then it came to a point where they interviewed the most known bloggers in the Philippines. And the best part is that they were earning through blogging most of their incomes came from blogging.
That certain clip encourages me to make my own blog. I’ve heard blogging before and I even blog about our wedding on the blogsite of Friendster but I didn’t take it seriously.

I took it as a challenge and a new career path to take (maybe). The start was quite disturbing because I was banned from Google Adsense. So this is the first trial and it sure lessens my drive in pursuing this blogging thing. Still, I continued with clouded thoughts and path to where will this blogging will take me. I read other blogs and looked on their sites and until I found out things that needs to be done like strengthening your traffic, making posts that are appealing to your readers, and so much more.

So I started doing those things. It took me half a year to establish a foundation and a good ranking. And also it took me few months more to realize and understand more things that needs to done establish a better ranking and gain more readers. Right now, this is my first anniversary and I’ve already earned around more than a hundred dollars already. Some of them were from advertisement, blog reviews, and conversations. The good news is that I’m earning already and still counting. I’m also upgrading things and materials that I am writing.


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