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The featured websites today is the vinefire.com. What is vinefire.com? Vinefire.com is a website that offers variety of earning opportunity for bloggers and readers. It just only started and it is on its beta mode. But though it is only in beta a lot of users are now actually engaging in its earning opportunities.

The sites main thrust (I think?) is to build a large number of traffic for the publishers, advertisers, and bloggers through text links.

What are their earning opportunities? One is their text links, by posting the title and the URL of your site on vinefire.com which can be seen and read by other users. Every time you get an up vote from other users you'll earn $0.02. Second is by following each link in which you'll earn $0.23 and an additional $0.08 every up vote you gave. Third is by following a sponsored links which will earn $0.90 for every click of the live links. And lastly by sharing it to your friends and others, by doing so you'll get to earn 50% of your friends earnings.

Also vinefire.com is the best text link advertiser. You can get huge number of traffic by providing your sites url. So grab it now and start earning.

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