"Changes on Entrecard"  

Posted by Daddy Yashiro

After the sale of Entrecard and the take over of Ziprunner there are many changes happened in Entrecard.

  • The cashout system were stopped and the link to it were already removed and on some cases that it is still there they are just finishing the cashout for what is left behind by the previous operator of entrecard.
  • The changes in the appearance of the home page which I cannot find the link for the log in.
  • The rapid pop of messages from entrecard whether it is an advert for approval or declined advertisements.
  • The appearance of buy, sell, trade with EC credits on the dashboard. Which only proves that cashout system is no longer available.
  • Paid ads are also removed and they are just finishing the remaining ads that were bought already.
These are the changes that Entrecard has made since after the sale to Ziprunner. That's why there is a sudden decline of droppers activity. They don't have any additional drive to perform better on dropping. For whatever the future is in Entrecard let's just wait and see.

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