"Adgitize Upgrade"  

Posted by Marco Polo Demo

I've been with Adgitize for more than six months and the earnings is not that good. Reason for that is I actually neglected it and was aiming for some higher revenue. I just realize it last month that Adgitize can give you a good revenue. While reading and browsing for some other blogs that actually did earn from Adgitize.

After testing it for more two weeks of being a publisher I have decided yesterday to upgrade my account in Adgitize and advertise. The cost of the advertisement is $14 and you can recover it by posting a quality blog post, clicking ads from other advertisers, and the quantity of your ad views and ad clicks. If I make an average of $0.5 a day I would get $15 in a month and that's depending on my activity. So I still earn a dollar and recover my payment for advertising.

So if you're a blogger you'd better try Adgitize earn exposure and earn dollars.


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