"Friday the 13th?"  

Posted by Daddy Yashiro

Today is Friday the 13th! The most feared superstition. Why? Is there anything to fear on Friday the 13th?

According to superstitious belief Friday the 13th is the unluckiest day of the month because to those who believe in Friday the 13th most of the unlucky things happen on this day.

I really don't know why they associated Friday with the number 13. For all I know to those who believe 13 is the unluckiest number (to them?) and I think they associated it with the 12 disciples of Christ 12 Disciples plus Jesus Christ is equals to 13 and one of the 12 disciples betrayed Christ. I don't know if Judas was the number 13 starting Jesus Christ. I really don't know but all I know is that once you believe it is bad luck it will so believe that it is not bad luck.

So instead of spreading Friday the 13th as an eerie, scary and unlucky day, try spread its a good day. So have nice and wonderful Friday the 13th. God Bless!


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